Bible Knowledge Quiz

Most Americans have easy access to Bibles. Yet few read their Bibles. Consequently, biblical illiteracy in America is at a crisis point. The first step on the road to biblical literacy is a general knowledge of the Bible. This article gives you an easy way to find out how much you know about the Bible.

by William L. Nowell

How well do you know the Bible? To test your knowledge of the Bible, I've assembled a set of questions covering diverse topics from the Bible. When you've completed your quiz on topics from Genesis to Revelation, click the 'Submit' Button to get immediate feedback. And, depending on your score, you can even download a certificate of achievement.

On your Bible knowledge quiz, you will likely find some questions are easy, others are not so easy, and one or two might make you say, "Did he really ask that!" If you're ready, then let's begin. But if the idea of taking a quiz stresses you out, watch the Michael Jr. video below for a good laugh, relax, and then take the quiz.

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