War on Christianity - Part 3

The “World Watch List” ranks countries by the level of persecution Christians suffer. In Part 3 of the War on Christianity, you will discover the connection between the WWL and the 10/40 Window, as well as practical ways you can help the persecuted and suffering Church.

by William L. Nowell

The 2016 World Watch List

The World Watch List is an annual report prepared and published by Open Doors ; non-profit organization focused on serving persecuted Christians. The World Watch List ranks the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian.

The table below lists the top 20 countries on the 2016 World Watch List . In 17 out of the 20 countries listed, the dominant and ever growing source of Christian persecution is “Islamic extremism.”

2016 World Watch List Top 20 Countries
Ranking Country Ranking Country
1. North Korea, East Asia 11. Yemen, Arabian Peninsula
2. Iraq, Middle East 12. Nigeria, West Africa
3. Eritrea, East Africa 13. Maldives, South Asia
4. Afghanistan, South Asia 14. Saudi Arabia, Arabian Peninsula
5. Syria, Middle East 15. Uzbekistan, Central Asia
6. Pakistan, South Asia 16. Kenya, East Africa
7. Somalia, East Africa 17. India, South Asia
8. Sudan, North Africa 18. Ethiopia, East Africa
9. Iran, Middle East 19. Turkmenistan, Central Asia
10. Libya, North Africa 20. Vietnam, Southeast Asia

A Warning to America

In most of the countries on the Watch List, Christians are in a minority. However, there is one notable exception, that being Kenya. Christians in Kenya suffer severe persecution, even though they make up 82% of the population. On the surface, it defies reason that the majority population would also be the oppressed population. However, this highly unlikely scenario is exactly what has happened. The reason for this is actually quite simple. The Muslims have maneuvered their way into positions of power in the government. As a result, they have gained the upper hand over the majority Christian population. Kenya's Christians ought to serve as a sober warning to the sleeping church in America. Here, in America, Christians make up considerably less than 82% of the population. Our nation elected a quasi-Muslim president in Barrack Obama, whose father is from Kenya. As the most pro-Muslim, anti-Christian President in American history, President Obama pledges to flood America with 110,000 refugees from Islamic nations before his term in office ends.

Up to now, less the 1% of refugees coming into America have been Christians, though they are the most in need of refugee status. The Obama Administration actively denies refugee status to Christians while flooding our nation with Muslims. How long will it be before Islamic terrorism is a “normal” part of everyday life in America? Pray for America to stay off the World Watch List. Pray before it's too late!

The 10/40 Window?

The 10/40 Window is the region highlighted on the map below. It is between 10° and 40° north of the equator and stretches from North Africa to South East Asia. Coincidentally, the 10/40 Window is also the region where Christian persecution is most extreme. In fact, 19 of the top 20 nations on the World Watch List are in the 10/40 Window. But is this really just a coincidence?

10 40 Window map
The 10/40 Window

Here's some food for thought. The letter to the church at Pergamum refers to the city as the place where Satan has his throne. (Revelation 2:13) Pergamum is a city in modern-day Turkey, squarely inside of the 10/40 Window. Is it possible that Satan has a territorial stronghold in the region? Is it possible that the 10/40 Window is the “seat of Satan”?

As persecution of Christians in the 10/40 Window steadily increases, be sure to remember them in prayer. Let us remember, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12) And never forget, “Our enemy, the devil, is on the prowl like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

Prayer Warriors Needed!

In these days of intense persecution, our downtrodden and suffering family in the Lord needs our prayers more than ever. Prayer is the one thing we all can do to make a difference in the lives of persecuted Christians. Knowing the need, how can we not pray? And don't only pray, but also be persistent in prayer as in the Parable of the Persistent Widow. (Luke 18:1-8) Furthermore, the Bible has much to say about prayer. Listed here is but a small sample of verses about prayer contained in our Maker's Instruction Manuel.

How often will you pray for the persecuted church? Select the answer that best describes you. I will pray...
  • Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests... be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. (Ephesians 6:18)
  • Pray for kings and for everyone who has authority over us, so that we may live quiet and peaceful lives as we worship and honor God. (1 Timothy 2:2)
  • The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

24-7 Prayer

Sign up to be part of 24 hours of prayer on the 20 November.

Adopt a front-line worker

When you “adopt” a Voice of the Martyrs front-line worker , you commit to pray for this worker for one year. Front-line workers minister in restricted nations and/or hostile areas. I adopted my first front-line worker more than three years ago and I still pray for him and his family everyday. So be warned, praying for you front-line worker can be addictive.

You've Prayed, Now What?

Prayer is essential in the days in which we live. However, when we study the lives of men and women in the Bible who accomplished great things, we find that prayer was their starting point. The prayers of Nehemiah, Esther, and others led to practical actions. Likewise, your prayers ought to serve as the starting point of a life of action. For instance, prayerfully consider taking part in some of the practical activities outlined in the following paragraphs.


Be an advocate for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Let your voice be heard by signing these petitions.


No Out-of-Pocket Cost

Your dollars make a difference. Nevertheless, not all of us are in a position to give. But what if there was an effortless way of generating revenue for your favorite charitable organization. Still better, what if generating the revenue stream cost you absolutely nothing. Would you be interested in connecting your favorite charitable organization to such a revenue source? Then I have good news for you. Amazon.com , the online retail giant, has a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at absolutely no cost to you. After an easy sign-up procedure, just log on to Smile.Amazon.com and shop as you normally would. Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to the charitable organization of your choice. You can choose from thousands of organizations to support. And best of all is that it costs you nothing. I'm supporting the Voice of the Martyrs with my purchases at Smile.Amazon.com . No doubt, my last CD purchase didn't generate much revenue, but if people enroll, even small contributions add up.

Jobs for Persecuted Christian Refugees

Christian Freedom International (CFI) trains many persecuted Christians to make marketable products so that they can support themselves. Visit the CFI store to purchase silk-screened t-shirts made by persecuted Christian refugees from Pakistan and Burma (Myanmar). Your purchase provides direct income to the t-shirt makers.

Direct Contributions

There are more than a few humanitarian aid organizations serving the persecuted church. These organizations have the resources to go into places where you and I cannot go. They are able to provide medical care, trauma counseling, food, clothing, safe houses, and much more. As you are able, please consider giving to the organizations listed below, and/or to others.

IDOP2016 logo

Action Packs

The Action Pack program is a great way for individuals or small groups to come together and assemble aid packages for Christians and others in need.

Letters of Encouragement

Letters of encouragement to Christians suffering for their faith let them know they are not alone and forgotten. Open Doors UK , Christian Solidarity Worldwide , and Voice of the Martyrs' Prisoner Alert offer letter writing guides and contact information for Christians in need of encouragement.

Social Media

Use social media to sound the alarm about Christian persecution. Everyone needs to know.

Stay Informed

We cannot be of help to our persecuted and suffering family if we are unaware of the trials they face. For the most up-to-date news and information of concern to the family of faith, visit the sites listed below. Also, read my articles Bleeding for Christ , Christian Holocaust , and Persecuted for Christ .

Be Creative

Nehemiah, one of my favorite Biblical personalities, was both a man of prayer, and a man of action. After much prayer, he used his connection to the King to secure resources for rebuilding Jerusalem's walls. Next, using his natural-born leadership ability combined with well-honed organizational skills, he rallied the people together to accomplish what many believed impossible.

Perhaps you're not “a Nehemiah”, but you do have a unique set of skills, knowledge, and abilities you bring to the Body of Christ. When we each contribute whatever we can, be it great or be it small, together we will accomplish what many believe impossible. So, be creative in using your unique skill set, connections, etc. to assist the suffering Church. And together, we will accomplish what others believe is impossible.

Final Words

I began this article with a quote from the Book of Proverbs: “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.” The next verse reads as follows, “If you excuse yourself, saying, 'Look, we didn't know anything about this,' doesn't God, who knows what you are really thinking, understand your motives? Isn't your Protector aware of why you aren't protecting the innocent? Will He not repay you in kind?” (Proverbs 24:12 VOICE) These words of wisdom ought to spur us on to action.

On these International Days of Prayer, it is imperative that we pray without ceasing for the persecuted Church. But will you pray during these special days only, all the while knowing that the Church is under attack 365 days of the year? Then, I urge you to lift up 365 daily prayers for the persecuted Church.

In addition to our prayers, the persecuted desperately need our tangible support. Though Suffering Church Action Week is the perfect time to give tangible support to Christians targeted for their faith, will you give your support beyond this week? For many people of faith, every day is a struggle just to survive. So, as you are able, I urge you to give tangible support to the suffering church throughout the year.

As we enter into IDOP/SCAW 2016, remember that our God is the Sovereign Lord, who is able to deliver His people “with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm”. (Deuteronomy 26:8) So, never stop praying, and continue supporting the family of Believers.

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