A Global Day of Prayer for Jerusalem

by William L. Nowell

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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Pray for the peace (shalom) of Jerusalem: 'May those who love this city prosper*. May there be peace within your walls and security within your fortresses'. (Psalm 122:6-7)

*The word translated as prosper in many of our English Bibles actually means to be safe/secure, be at ease, and have rest.

Sunday, October 4, 2015 is the international day of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. On this day, millions of Christians from around the world will lift up prayers for Jerusalem.

We live in tumultuous times. Islamic terrorism is wreaking havoc like an uncontrollable malignant cancer. The level of anti-Semitic hatred today is rapidly approaching that of Adolf Hitler's regime and the holocaust. Surely, Satan is laughing with delight at the passage of President Obama's Iran deal. Iran's leaders call for the annihilation of Israel, and the genocide of all God's Chosen People. And now, America has given them the tools to destroy Israel. It defies comprehension, but our President, Secretary of State, and other government officials actually think they've done a good thing!

No doubt, many of America's political leaders have been given over to reprobate minds just as the Bible said would happen to God-rejecting people in the last days. (Romans 1:28) Now, more than ever, we must pray for the peace (shalom) of Jerusalem.

The Hebrew word 'shalom', translated into English as 'peace' means more than the absence of turmoil, terrorism and war. Shalom implies completeness in relation to health, welfare, safety, tranquility, prosperity, and rest.

We ought to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all Israel daily. However, the first Sunday of each October has been designated as a global day of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. On this day in particular, let us all lift up prayers to Yahweh, the God of Israel.

Visit the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem website for more information about this annual day of prayer and learn how you can participate.

“I have set watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem. They will never be silent day or night. You who call on Yahweh, take no rest, and give Him no rest, until He establishes, and until He makes Jerusalem a city all people will praise.” (Isaiah 62:6-7)

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